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Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcoming a baby boy into our world

Some babies are born into this world to be greeted by showers of clothes, cuddly toys and a Mother and Father longing to meet them at last and hold them in their arms.  They will never want for anything.  They will always have food on their plates, always have clothes in their drawers, will have every opportunity to study and learn, medicine if they are sick, and much, much more besides.  And isn´t this how it should be? 

But I know babies for whom this is not the case.  I know a little baby boy about to be born for whom this is not the case.  His mother, Sarita, is 17, but is only in her second year of Secondary School and greatly lacks emotional and mental maturity.  She has 4 younger siblings and lives with them and her mother in a house we built for them.  Her father abandoned them in pursuit of a younger woman with whom he was expecting yet another child.  Sarita´s mother has no work.  Sarita has no job, and insufficient education to secure one.  They do not always eat 3 meals a day.  The children´s schooling is paid for by sponsors.  Their clothes are donated to them. 

A married man started taking the family gifts of food.  The result was Sarita becoming pregnant.  The man in question has now fled and denies everything. 

Sarita has nothing and no means to provide for her baby.   This little baby will be born into this world with no clothes waiting for him, no snuggly blankets and certainly no cot or pram.  His mother will struggle to feed him.
I have already given away all my baby things or I would give her something… If anyone reading this has some boy baby clothes going spare, I would be very happy to make space in my suitcase when we visit the UK in December, to take back for Sarita´s little boy.  Please send them to Andrea Gardiner (Sarita), Headcorn, Erbusaig, Kyle of Lochalsh, Rossshire. IV40 8BB.  Let´s give this tiny baby a brighter welcome into this world of ours.  Thank you. 

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