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Project Ecuador
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A morning in the life of Andy in the Andes

It was a simple trip to town... with a simple list of tasks to complete.  Our aim was to be back at home for lunch at midday to be in time for the afternoon´s engagments. 

First we were delayed by a sick Granny.  A well meaning grandson had given her tramadol for a headache - which resulted in persistent vomiting.  So we did a little home visit on the way into town to remedy matters. 

The next stop was the bank.  I was still feeling optimistic at this point.  I am delighted I can now pay my bills in my own bank, so I could withdraw the cash I needed to buy building materials for the current projects and pay the bills at the same time.   (Until recently I had to queue in several different banks to pay different bills.)  We left the bank with a spring in our step.

We could not drive to the bookshop because all the roads in the centre of town have been dug up to put in drainage.   So I had to abandon my plan to buy a mattress for a bedridden patient.  I could not see myself carrying that back up the road.  The bookshop was open however and we managed to buy the 400 Bible story books I wanted in preparation for Christmas giveaways.  Entering all these purchases into the shop computer system proved to be a somewhat labourious process however, and by the time we were back at the car I was horrified to see it was already almost midday!

Next stop was a short walk to the post office.  The attendent was new and it would be fair to say a bit clueless.  We had about 8 parcels to pick up.  He found 4 quickly.  He found another 3 very very slowly, hunting on shelves and in drawers.  He failed to find the last one completely.  It was now nearer 1pm.

We abandoned the idea of heading home for lunch.   I was supposed to be at the sewing group at 2pm.  That was a 20 minute drive away and I still had to do my weekly food shop.  A quick trip to  the bakery department had to do.  A speedy zip around the aisles found us outside and set for home.

We made it to the sewing group at 2.30pm.  

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