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Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to Build a Road in Ecuador

1. Dig up the whole 12 km at once and make as much mess as possible.
2. Watch the buses and trucks slide off the road into the ditch, as the road becomes awash with mud. 
3. Make all the houses built along the road suffer months of choking dust coming into their houses, while the road is unmade.
4. Pile up stones in the entrances to people´s houses, with no prior warning, making access impossible repeatedly for days on end.  (Our friend had to hire a lorry for a week as he was unable to get his out of his gate to do his normal business! No refund for that expense!)
5. Break the water pipes as many times as possible, leaving the villagers without running water day after day after day....
6. Make access to our farm impossible for normal cars... we are glad we have a 4x4 at the moment!
7. Put clueless men in the road with Stop/Go signs to direct the traffic.
8. Put guards on the machinery at night who do not have any way of defending themselves against the armed robbers who then tie them up and steal equipment.
9.  Work day and night, banging relentlessly with dumper trucks, driving the local residents slightly potty from insomnia.
10. Make local traffic drive right under the swinging diggers... I have been certain I was about to be hit on more than one occasion...

... and it isn´t due to be finished for another year....  

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