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Project Ecuador
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Sunday, 31 August 2014

6 events that have made me feel humble... and thankful...

  1.       Throwing my old knickers in the bin, and then seeing them hung out to dry on the neighbour´s washing line.  
  2.  Being asked how many aeroplanes my 6 year old has flown in by someone who will never travel further than the local town their entire life.
  3. Being invited into a cane shack and fed chicken soup while the family looked on.  I think I ate their supper.
  4. Having to wait until after dark to be able to go to the toilet, unseen, in the bushes, in a village where no one has a toilet. 
  5. Asking a 20 year old Mum to sign her name… she, shamefaced, told me she could only give a finger print as she never went to school.
  6. Dressing the grotesque, stinking breast tumour of a 38 year old woman… she is the same age as me but does not have much longer to live. 

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