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Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Family Christmas

There is a pig sleeping in our garden tonight.  Yes - a pig!  Despite the fact I am currently reading Charlotte´s Web to my girls, the pig is destined for slaughter in the morning.  Once the pig is diced up, there are 60lbs of tilapia fish to be caught and gutted.

All this is in preparation for about 60 members of my Ecuadorean mother-in-law´s family (plus a few waifs and strays who do not have family nearby) descending upon us to celebrate Christmas together.  The celebrations start with breakfast, followed by the official opening of the family games.   As the retiring Patron of last years games, I will have the honour of presenting the sash and bouquet to the incoming Queen.

The silly games, swimming competition, ever-so-serious football match and volleyball will then commence.  The winning team will be awarded medals to commemerate their success.
The ill-fated pig will be fried and served up for lunch in typical Ecuadorean fashion with boiled maize, banana and onion salad.  In the afternoon the children will have their races.  Tamara was elected Princess of Christmas last year, so she has the duty of giving out Christmas gifts to her cousins this year.  This prestigious event will be followed by the election of this year´s Christmas Princess.
In the evening the  fish will be served, while the family relaxes under the marquee, and entertainment will be provided by different members of the family.  (Tamara has been practising Jingle Bells frantically on the piano...)  
The family will then put up their tents and sleep out in our field, (Great Granny will be allowed to use the sofa bed!), before a final breakfast together on Sunday morning.  (If anyone has room for another meal by then...)
My mother-in-law and her siblings.
 I am amazed each year at the amount of effort, planning and preparation that goes into these family traditions and celebrations.  However, everyone pitches in with great enthusiasm, because being together as a family is important.  And this family sticks together and supports each other through the joys and blessings of children born and successes in life, but also in the heart-breaks of loss and brokeness.  At Christmas, each and every member of the family makes the effort to come together and celebrate extravagantly. laying aside the cares and worries of life and focusing on the blessings of love, joy and peace.  It is time to remember the coming of the Prince of Peace, through whom we can become part of God´s family and know everlasting love, joy and peace.


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