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Friday, 19 June 2015

Missing home - and enjoying the UK.

We are now half way through our two month tour of the UK, promoting the work of Project Ecuador.  When I stumbled off the plane in Birmingham a month ago, and enjoyed our first few days in Coventry, it was wonderful to feel clean and not sweaty all the time, to hug my siblings and my nieces and nephews, and to eat salmon and lamb.  Coming back to the UK after ten years of living in Ecuador does still feel intrinsically "normal", and yet Ecuador has now become where I refer to as "home".  So here are some of the things I am missing from Ecuador - and some of the things I am most appreciating as we travel the UK.

5 things I miss in Ecuador:
  • The heat - summer has not arrived in Scotland this year yet!
  • The spontaniety, flexibility, and last minute plans. 
  • Meeting with the Girls´ Brigade lasses and sharing their fun, joys and sorrows.  
  • Living outdoors, swimming in the river and the simplicity of life. 
  • The affection and warmth shown by family and friends.  
 5 things I appreciate in the UK:
  • The kind folk who have opened their homes to us and gone out of their way to make us feel at home.  
  • The many people who have taken time to listen to our talks about Ecuador and found it in their hearts to respond and help.  
  • The wonderful opportunity my daughters have to see so many parts of the country and learn through travel.  
  • The organisation, infrastructure and efficiency.  
  • Being able to worship in English with so many other Christians.  Using my heart-language is a release and a joy.  
 Perhaps the most wonderful part of visiting the UK is of course meeting up with so many dear friends and family members.  It is actually very emotional.  Meeting so many people who have been, and continue to be, such an important part of my life, in such a short space of time, is amazing.  Having to part from them again, feeling we have only touched the surface of what we wished to communicate to each other, and not knowing when we will meet again is sad. 

But I am so glad I am able to have this experience in the company of my husband and daughters, for all these shared moments and memories.  It is a special chance to spend time together as a family and for me to share my heritage with them.

Photo by Claire Durham

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