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Thursday, 1 October 2015

FREE The Adventures of Tamarita Rachel on Kindle from 2nd - 6th October.....

Extract from the book.... 

Once upon a time Tamarita Rachel and little sister Emily climbed into the pick-up truck.  They were very excited because Mummy and Papi had announced they were going to go visiting.  They bounced up and down on the back seat, impatient to be on their way. 
   As Papi drove off towards the village, Tamarita Rachel and little sister Emily looked back at their nice clean white house standing tall amongst the banana plants, and waved, “Bye, bye house, we will be back soon.” 
   “Who are we going to visit?” asked Tamarita Rachel, wanting to know where they were going on this fine sunny afternoon. 
   “We are going to visit some children who need our help.”  Mummy replied. 
   “Oh.” Tamarita Rachel stopped to think.  “I wonder what we can help them with.” 
   In the village they drove past the shops and up a back lane, bumping over the stony track.  Tamarita Rachel could see that these houses were not like the clean white house she lived in.  These houses were made of bits of wood and plastic.  The flies and bugs buzzed in and out, and the rain could get in too.  Tamarita Rachel wondered who they had come to visit here. 
   Papi stopped the pick-up truck, and they all piled out.  Mummy held little sister Emily´s hand as they carefully walked along the dusty track to a tiny little house on stilts.  Tamarita Rachel thought it was a very strange looking house indeed.  It was so teeny, tiny small.  It only had one room.  There were no bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and bathroom like in her house.  There was just one room that had to be all those things at once.  There were some rickety wooden planks for steps leading up to the door, and the windows were just holes.  They did not have any glass in them. 
      There was a little boy hanging out of one of the windows, and he waved to them as they approached.
   “Hello,” called Mummy, “Good afternoon, is anyone in?”
   A lady came to the door and called back, “Thank you for coming.  Do come in.” ... 

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