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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Why did you give up the wealth and security you could have had as a doctor working in the UK?

During our recent visit to the UK I was asked several questions repeatedly - so my next few blogs will be answers to these FAQs!

First up is, "Why did you give up the wealth and security you could have had as a doctor working in the UK, to work for a charity in Ecuador, with an unpredictable and far inferior income?"

To be honest this not something that often crosses my mind. Many of the things wealth could buy me are simply not attractive in comparison to the amazing life I am privileged to enjoy. I do not hanker after an expensive car, a big house or foreign travel. I find it grounds me to live beside people who struggle to feed their families each day. I do not compare myself with those who have more than me, but rather give thanks for the abundance I already have.

I have learnt to appreciate the benefits of a simpler lifestyle. I love the fact my daughters spend their time playing outside, not glued to screens. Our lives are full of reading wonderful books, creating beautiful crafts, and time spent as a family.

I consider my intelligence, education and opportunities to be God-given gifts. He did not give them to me to hoard up things for myself. He gave them to me to share with others. Living in rural Ecuador is my way of sharing the gifts God gave me with others less fortunate than myself. I find helping the sponsored children to gain an education they would not otherwise have, inspiring. I find great joy in running the girls´ club, and sharing the faith that gives me such love and peace with them.

I do sometimes question if I am limiting my daughters´ opportunities in life. It is easier to "give up" things for myself, than for them. Wouldn´t they be better off attending a private school in the UK as I did, rather than being homeschooled by their mother? All choices in life have their pluses and their minuses. However, I think the life my girls are living is enabling them to be happy, healthy and equipped to contribute to the world. I cherish the opportunity to be the one who is shaping their hearts and their minds.

I find that being out of my comfort zone, out of my culture and made to rely on God in a way I never would have done had I stayed and worked as a GP in the UK, has totally changed my perspective. It has enabled me to experience God´s loving care and provision in a tangible way. Living in a place where I often feel insecure and uncertain fixes my gaze on the One who is constant and unchanging. Living life filled with the love of God is a wonderful thing. I hope you too know His loving care wherever you are and whatever you do.


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