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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Here is a recipe for a typical dish here in Santo Domingo  It is called...

Colorado Rice

This dish takes its name from the Colorado Indians who are the natives of Santo Domingo, because they paint their hair red with a red fruit, and the rice is coloured with the same fruit, achiote.  It is a great dish for making big quantities of, and we have often made this at village events for example at Christmas so everyone gets a portion.  Have a go at making some! It is delicious.

Ingredients (serves 8)

1 chicken

8 cups of rice

1 chicken stock cube

1 green pepper

2 carrots

1 red onion

4 chorizo sausages

1 cup of peas

2 teaspoons fresh coriander

2 teaspoons fresh parsley

Salt and Pepper



First cook the chicken – people here boil it, but you could roast it.  Flake the meat off the bones once cooked.  Cook the rice with the finely chopped carrots, peas, stock cube, seasoning, herbs and turmeric to colour it yellow.  Finely chop, then lightly fry the pepper, onion, and sausages.  Mix together the chicken, rice and vegetables and sausage.  Serve hot with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. 

Happy cooking!

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