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Project Ecuador
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

God´s Provision

When I decided to become a missionary doctor I did so knowing that it would mean a very different financial situation to that of being a GP in the UK.  I did so willingly, and in exchange for a fascinating walk of faith.
When I was a single doctor working in Scotland I could afford whatever I wanted within reason.  If I fancied a book or clothes I bought them, if I wanted to visit friends I hopped on a plane, if I wanted to go on a foreign holiday I booked the tour.
Becoming a missionary first changed my view of the “essentials” and the “luxuries” in life.  It made me question what I had a right to “expect” to be able to afford and what I was willing to sacrifice. 
But it also made me aware of God´s perfect timing.   Sometimes it was a patient bringing me a chicken as a thank you when I did not have any meat left in the fridge for the next meal.  Once it was a cheque for one thousand pounds arriving when I needed a car to be able to carry out my work.  Once it was a flurry of new supporters when we did not have enough to live off on a monthly basis.  The support we needed came in without me saying a word to anyone except our Father who knows all our needs.  These instances of God’s perfect timing stand out as pearls of His love for me, affirming it is not time to go home. 
And sometimes, just occasionally, there are those gifts that arrive that are pure acts of generosity, over and above what I would ever feel I have the “right” to even ask for.  I am reminded I am in such a privileged position compared to so many in this world and blown away by the extraordinary graciousness of my Heavenly Father.  I am so thankful for the blessings I receive each and every day and the privileges I enjoy. 
May I be a blessing daily to others too and never forget to say “thank you”. 

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