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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sometimes I am glad I make mistakes

Sometimes I am glad that I make mistakes.  I am glad that I misread a 1 as a 7.  Let me tell you the whole story.
Just over a month ago we sold our small car because it kept on breaking down.  Vladimir hunted for a replacement and found a seemingly suitable car being sold by a second hand car salesman.  We were delighted.  We checked the car was not registered as stolen, had it looked over by a mechanic and decided to go ahead with the purchase.  The salesman gave me his bank details hand written on a little scrap of paper.  I duly did the bank transfer from my account to his in our local bank.  Vladimir signed the contract and we drove off in the car. 
A couple of days later I had a phone call from the bank saying the transfer had not gone through as I had made a mistake in the bank account number of the car salesman.  I had mistaken his 1 for a 7.  The salesman began frantically hassling us to redo the payment, but I had to wait 5 days for the money to be returned to my account first. 
During these five days Vladimir had a problem on trying to register the transfer of ownership of the car.  He discovered the car had already been sold to someone else!  The salesman was creating duplicate documents for the car presumably to register another, stolen car.  
We returned the car and were very thankful we had the money still safely in my account.  If this had not been the case the result would have been some long drawn out court proceedings!
So I am glad I mistook a 1 for a 7.  I am thankful to God we had a narrow escape.  He is gracious. 

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