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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Simple Kindness

Daniela´s Mum brought tears to my eyes today... tears of happiness.  Daniela is nine years old.  She has been sponsored so that she can attend primary school for 3 years now.  This year she came top of her year.  I was delighted to reward her with a holiday grant so that she could do an extra-curricular course of her choice.  Daniela immediately chose swimming.   It is her passion, but she has never had any formal classes. She has simply learnt splashing about in the river. 

Today Daniela´s Mum came with the receipts of the cost of the course, swimming costume, goggles and bus fares.  After completing these formalities she laid her hand on my arm and leant forward. 

"Doctorita, Thank you so much for giving us this gift.  It has truly been an inspiration to us to see what Daniela is capable of doing.  She has had such fun these holidays.  She has made new friends, enjoyed a new challenge and been brought out of herself.  I have enjoyed taking her on the bus each day, watching her swimming, and taking her home.  The experience has given us wonderful one-to-one time.  Our relationship is so much stronger, and I am so grateful." 

As the tears of gratitude welled in Daniela´s Mum´s eyes, they did in mine too.  It was such a simple idea - such a simple kindness to a talented and lively young girl.  I never dreamed it would have such a positive impact and outcome. 

So go on - do  someone a kindness today.  You never know where it might lead. 


  1. My daughter lives in Ecuador with a Kichwa family in the Oriente. I have just read your book and loved it.

    1. HI Judith, I hope your daughter is loving the Oriente. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    2. She lives in San Jose De Payamino about an hours drive on the Ranchera from Loreto. She went in June 2012 for 4 months to work on a research station and never came back. She loves it there. I had the opportunity to visit this time last year, so your book brought memories back to me. Hope you get the chance to write some more of your stories.