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Saturday, 26 April 2014

For the beauty of the earth

This morning I woke and listened to John Rutter´s For the Beauty of the Earth.  What an inspiration to worship as I went about my Saturday morning.  

"For the beauty of the earth
For the beauty of the skies
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies
Lord of all to thee we raise
This our joyful hymn of praise"

I stepped outside my door to go and feed the baby tilapia fish in the pond and spotted the magnificent cascading yellow orchid hanging from the tree.  The red and yellow trumpets of the neighbouring plant announced the beauty of God and the rainbow coloured butterflies fluttering in the wild flowers whispered His kindness.  

Above and around me the hummingbirds reflected His glory and the tiny yellow canaries flocking to the bird table churped His praise.  I was surrounded by evidence of His love and joyful hymns of praise.  

"For the joy of human love
Brother, sister, parent, child
Friends on earth and friends above
For all gentle thoughts and mild
Lord of all to thee we raise
This our joyful hymn of praise" 

Returning to the house I spoke to my Mum and then my Sister on skype.  These (along with the rest of my family) are the people I can share everything and anything with.  These are the people who laugh with me, cry with me and are always there for me no matter what.  These are the people who give me the amazing, wonderful gift of human love.  I thought of friends near and far, friends on earth and friends above.  I thought of those who have been kind to me, those who have whispered words of comfort, and those who have shouted words of encouragement.  They are the people who nourish my soul, who keep me looking onwards and upwards.  Because of them I lifted my joyful hymn of praise and gave thanks. 

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