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Project Ecuador
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Monday, 16 February 2015

10 lessons God has taught me during 10 years in Ecuador

1.       Patience, patience, patience…. For paperwork, bureaucracy, & more paperwork….
2.       Be kind – I have no idea what the person next to me is going through.
3.       Humility – those who have nothing give so much more than I do from my plenty.
4.       Be generous.  Do not fear.  God always provides for our needs.
5.       What it is to be misunderstood.  What it is to feel helpless. Living in a culture different to my own has created many opportunities to learn these lessons!
6.       The joy of thanking God for the simple gift of another day to live and to love.  Having seen so many patients and neighbours die young, I no longer take life for granted.
7.       Our lives are like a breath, here today and gone tomorrow.  Live each day to the full and for His glory.
8.       God is with us, no matter what tragedies befall us. 
9.       I need to forgive and to be forgiven.
10.   God loves me profoundly and eternally.  
Alausi, Ecuador

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  1. Hola,

    Yo soy un estudiante de los Estado Unidos y estoy haciendo un proyecto en mi clase de Espanol.
    I am a student from the United States and I am doing a project in Spanish class.

    Mi grupo y yo vamos a hacer un libro de la cultura y mas de Ecuador, y nosotros queremos saber mas informacion este país!
    My group and I are going to make a scrapbook about the culture of Ecuador, and we want to know more about this country.

    Quiero aprender mas de la cultura y, específicamente, las idiomas y regiones mayores de Ecuador.
    I want to learn more about the culture and, specifically, the languages/dialects and major regions of Ecuador.

    Si es posible, puedes responder con información que tu sabes sobre de Ecuador que muchas personas no saben?
    If it is possible, can you respond with information that you know about Ecuador that many people don't know?

    Como: Que es su lugar favorito en Ecuador y porque?
    For Example: What is your favorite place in Ecuador and why?

    Muchas Gracias!