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Sunday, 1 February 2015

My 10 favourite places in Ecuador

I arrived in Ecuador 10 years ago.  Here are 10 of my favourite places in Ecuador...
1. BaƱos - the bustling tourist town with stunning waterfalls and zip-wires.
2. Cuicocha lake near Otavalo, the extinct volcano which offers walks and boat rides, and the chance to see volcanic gases bubbling up to the surface of the water. 
3.  Mitad del Mundo - the equator monument just north of Quito.  A great place to take visitors so they can stand on the line between North and South. 
4.  Ingapirca Inca ruins  - a fabulous chance to look back into history. 
5.  Cotopaxi Volcano - the majestic snow-capped peak with llamas wandering in the National Park.
6.   Chimborazo Volcano - another spectacular summit with freezing winds and wild views. 
7.  The Pacific Ocean - wonderful, warm water to swim in, and crashing waves to catch.
8.  Mindo - home of exotic birds, fluttering butterflies, a chocolate tour and spectacular humming birds.
9.  The Galapagos Islands - there is nothing to compare with walking amongst giant turtles, iguanas, penguins and blue-footed boobies.
10. My home amongst the anthuriums and the orchids, the colourful birds and the iguanas, with bananas ever on hand and a beautful river to swim in.

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