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Project Ecuador
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Friday, 24 February 2017

Unfinished Business

Recently, I was given a suitcase of material left behind by an elderly lady who was now no longer able to stitch with them. Amongst the remnants and scraps I found cut out skirts, which had never been stitched together, and half-done patchwork.
It reminded me of a book, Rhythms of Rest, I have been reading. The author reminds us that work is never complete. There is always more to be done. There are always dishes to wash, clothes that are dirty, unfinished projects and deadlines looming. We will never finish it all.
She urges us to down tools and take a Sabbath rest. Despite the work, the unfinished list, the dishes in the sink. Rest is important. We need to recharge. We need to listen to God, to re-establish priorities and see what is important to do, and what is not. We need stillness and silence to hear His voice. When we do not rest, we are doing more than God wishes. We are doing it in our own strength, not from his abundant love.
I gave the skirt pieces to a friend to make into skirts for her daughter. She was delighted to be able to be creative with the beautiful fabrics and make something special for her girl.
I sewed the patchwork pieces into cushions to go on our new swing seat on the balcony. They look magnificent.
I am grateful to pick up the work left unfinished and have the joy of completing it.
I am grateful to be used by God and have work to do, for my family and the wider community.
I am also grateful to have comfortable cushions to rest on, and to know I am not indispensable. 

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