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Project Ecuador
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Finishing School

This year Lorena, Leonella and Milena have all graduated from secondary school, with the help of sponsors. Let me tell you a little about their stories, so you can see what a HUGE difference their sponsors have made in their lives.

Lorena's father died of cancer when she was 13. She is the youngest of about 8 children. her mother was already 60 and dependent on her siblings to provide for her. Lorena could only continue school because we gave her a sponsor and helped her with sewing work to pay her bus fares. She calls her sponsor her "angel" . Lorena's ambition is to be a nurse. To get there, she needs to find a job now, and begin University part time. This dream is now within her reach. If she had not finished school Lorena would probably have a baby by now, and be at home struggling to feed her family. What a difference having the opportunity to study has made in her life!

Leonella is the middle of 3 sisters. Her older sister had her first child aged 14, and only finished primary school. Leonella loves clothes, fashion and sewing. Now she has finished school she can look for work in a clothes shop and maybe one day achieve her dream of having her own small business. Go for it Leonella!

Milena is the youngest of 6 children. Her mother is already too old to work. Her father is not around. They are dependent on her older brothers who work in the fields for a pittance. Milena now has secondary school education and can find better paid work than her brothers. She hopes to do a short course to learn to be a beautician. She could then have her own business.

Many thanks to all who sponsor children and give them this opportunity in life.

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