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Monday, 3 April 2017

Zoo trip!

A zoo opened just outside Santo Domingo about a year ago. Only one of the girls in the girls' club had been, so I decided this should be our next trip.

We were donated some clothes, so we decided to have a jumble sale, along with some home made cakes and drinks, and managed to raise the money for the entrance fee.

On Friday, 18 teenage girls were excitedly waiting for the minibus to come and collect us.

The trip was a special treat for them, as they had never had the chance to see such animals before. It was also a day of fun, time with friends and a change from the usual routine. Such adventures lift the spirits and create wonderful memories. Before I left home, I prayed that as well as being a day to deepen friendships, it would be a day where they would enjoy Creator God.

The trip round the zoo was accompanied by many squeals, shrieks and exclamations of delight. I am sure you can imagine the noise 18 high-pitched squeals make! They ran from the ostrich, played with the tigrillo through the wire, and talked with the parrots. The crocodiles and giant turtles were greatly admired. But by far the most exciting were the monkeys. Some of them were allowed to roam free, and they caused endless entertainment. These cheeky monkeys loved to sit on heads, steal food, play with shoe laces and tease while hanging from tree branches. It was hard to drag the girls away.

A picnic lunch followed, and then a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. The girls all had a wonderful time.

Later, when they were posting their photos on Facebook, one of the girls wrote, "Perfect Creator God, precious animals."





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